We LOVE AsheBridge. My daughter has been there a year and she can’t wait to start a new school year. She was very shy when she started but loves school now. She even asks to go to school on days she isn’t scheduled to go. We have noticed such an amazing change in her that we can’t thank the teachers there enough. They care so much about every child and they are all so wonderful. We are so blessed to have found this school.


We just had to say what a joy it is to hear the enthusiastic responses from our kids when asked what they learned at school each day. They enjoy their friends and teachers which has made them very receptive to learning. My kids really look forward to going to school now and that makes our morning routine much more pleasant!


Outstanding developmental programs. Wide variety of art activities, hands on learning.


Makes me want to be a kid again! Bright and inviting, fun and challenging, play and learning, and being with friends and understanding/caring teachers–all in a day’s time.


I trust 2 of the most important parts of my life with AsheBridge every weekday! I don’t have one worry, my kids are happy and are in a caring environment. They show my kids love and teach them not only core education but respect and manners. AsheBridge is a true blessing to our family!


AsheBridge Children’s Academy is a wonderful, enriching environment for children! Karter loves coming here, and has learned so much already 🙂


Great people, great flexibility! I finally found a daycare that works for me! This place puts all other Fuquay daycares to shame!


Amazing place! Staff and families are super friendly! There’s lots of fun events and exciting activities for all ages!!


I absolutely love the teachers and staff here! When I leave in the mornings and tell my children goodbye, I do not stress or worry all day at work. I KNOW they are safe. Of course I miss my babies, but it means everything to have peace knowing that they are being taken care of, they are happy and they are learning so much! This preschool has been a huge blessing to our family!


They’re a great mix of play and academics, not too much or too little either way. The teachers are calm and understanding with the kids who are reluctant as well as those who embrace everything.