Pre-Kindergarten Child Care

Preparation for kindergarten (and beyond) is our objective. Our theme-based curriculum stresses pre-reading skills such as letter/sound relationships.  Early reading skills are also nurtured as many children progress to more complex phonics concepts and reading sight words towards the end of the year.  Other skills taught in this class are Social and Emotional Skills, Self-Reliance Skills, Fine and Gross Motor Skills, Math, Science, and Good Citizen Skills. Positive social skills are nurtured as our preschoolers explore the classroom learning centers. Lessons are designed with an emphasis on academics as well as developing creative thinking skills and presented with the perfect balance of teacher-directed and free choice activities. Children play outside daily, weather permitting.

Move up schedule: 5 year olds remain in this class until they leave for kindergarten in July, August, or September (varies by school)

A typical day in a Pre-K classroom includes:

  • Nutritious lunch and two snacks provided
  • Circle time discussion of weekly theme
  • Teacher-directed learning activities (small group or individual) which promote a love of learning as well as the skills mentioned above
  • Child-initiated learning activities (small group or individual)
  • Free exploration of classroom learning centers
  • Story time
  • Music
  • Crafts
  • Outdoor play (weather permitting)
  • Rest Time