I am a mother

I am a mother of 5 children ages 6, 4 (triplet girls), and 1. Over the years my husband and I have had Au pairs, Nannies, and friends to help with the care of our children. We have always struggled with finding care that we are happy with and we feel will support the learning of our children. After our last at home care was unable to handle the temper tantrums of a 3 year old, we turned to AsheBridge Children’s Academy. The ear piercing temper tantrums of one of my toddlers that seemed to last forever were simply handled at AsheBridge in a matter of a couple days. I must say I was speechless. Now, after going there for several months, this same triplet runs to get her backpack and races to the car to go to school each morning. The other children love it as well. My oldest loves going in the morning so he can interact with the school age kids in the morning before being driven to his elementary school. The triplets love their teachers and all the fun activities they get to do. Also, we can’t say enough about all the hard work the staff has done with helping to get our youngest adjusted when she is just missing her mommy and daddy. Christine and Jeff has been our saviors. When we have gone back and forth trying to find that perfect care provider to fit for our family and a proper learning experience for our children’s needs, we feel we have finally found it in AsheBridge. Thank you both for the love and commitment you and your staff give the children and families each day.


  • April 7, 2015

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