Outstanding developmental programs. Wide variety of art activities, hands on learning.


We just had to say what a joy it is to hear the enthusiastic responses from our kids when asked what they learned at school each day. They enjoy their friends and teachers which has made them very receptive to learning. My kids really look forward to going to school now and that makes our morning routine much more pleasant!


We LOVE AsheBridge. My daughter has been there a year and she can't wait to start a new school year. She was very shy when she started but loves school now. She even asks to go to school on days she isn't scheduled to go. We have noticed such an amazing change in her that we can't thank the teachers there enough. They care so much about every child and they are all so wonderful. We are so blessed to have found this school.


Ashebridge is a fantastic preschool! The owners and teachers are wonderful and my daughter, who is now starting kindergarten, loved going there. The school is bright and cheerful with super large classrooms. All the teachers we had did a great job teaching and were also very caring and patient. You could tell that they really loved working with children. My daughter is more than prepared for kindergarten, both academically and socially. If you are looking for a preschool, this is definitely one to check out!


My wife and I are so happy with our decision to send our kids to AsheBridge. We absolutely love everyone there from the director, to the teachers, to the students, and even the students' parents! It is a great feeling to send your kids to a place where you feel that they are safe, they are being taught at a high level, and they are cared for. The director and teachers make us feel so welcomed, and have been extremely nice to us and our children. We would not want our children to go anywhere else.


I have a 3 and 4 year old who attend AsheBridge Children's Academy. My son does not do well with transitions and is a very picky eater. I was concerned about him not eating. His teacher has been perfect for my son. He adjusted immediately and tries everything on his plate. He is beginning to spell and sound out words as well as writing his name independently. He applies what he has learned at school at home. He has created both an art and science center at home. My daughter is so happy and exited to see them when she comes to school. The compassionate care and teaching that my children are receiving makes working a tad bit easier! Of course I wish I could be the one with them everyday but at least I know they are in a happy, fun, safe, and educational environment!


I am a mother of 5 children ages 6, 4 (triplet girls), and 1. Over the years my husband and I have had Au pairs, Nannies, and friends to help with the care of our children. We have always struggled with finding care that we are happy with and we feel will support the learning of our children. After our last at home care was unable to handle the temper tantrums of a 3 year old, we turned to AsheBridge Children's Academy. The ear piercing temper tantrums of one of my toddlers that seemed to last forever were simply handled at AsheBridge in a matter of a couple days. I must say I was speechless. Now, after going there for several months, this same triplet runs to get her backpack and races to the car to go to school each morning. The other children love it as well. My oldest loves going in the morning so he can interact with the school age kids in the morning before being driven to his elementary school. The triplets love their teachers and all the fun activities they get to do. Also, we can't say enough about all the hard work the staff has done with helping to get our youngest adjusted when she is just missing her mommy and daddy. Christine and Jeff has been our saviors. When we have gone back and forth trying to find that perfect care provider to fit for our family and a proper learning experience for our children's needs, we feel we have finally found it in AsheBridge. Thank you both for the love and commitment you and your staff give the children and families each day.


Tremendous staff, very safe environment, our boy LOVES it here.


Wonderful place to learn and grow! This has been a great experience for the whole family. Her teachers have been incredible and she is very well prepared for kindergarten. Everything has been very positive and encouraging.   D.Y.

Both of my boys love it and so do I! I go to work knowing my children are safe and secure and happy. That's THE priority for me. Thank you to the owners and all the staff at Ashebridge!