We recently moved from Pennsylvania to North Carolina, leaving behind a daycare both we and our kids absolutely loved. The staff at Ashebridge was so welcoming and caring, knowing what a tough transition it was for our kids. The boys love the school and they've learned so much in such a small amount of time! The staff go out of their way and the teachers are so creative and engaged. It's such a relief knowing we found such a gem here in the south!


Absolutely amazing place that will ease any parent’s guilt about leaving kids in childcare. Terrific teaching staff who really care about your family: physical and education. I greatly recommend this program to anyone looking for a professional, safe and friendly place to care for children.


Reviewing AsheBridge Children’s Academy is bittersweet because my youngest is starting kindergarten soon. This incredible center has become such an integral part of our life. We admire how your teachers helped our children learn and grow into big kids. Everything has been admirable from helping us potty train to learning to read and write. I’m amazed to see all this daycare has given my children. My heart melts with all of the wonderful memories that these amazing people have given us. It’s bittersweet to embark on the next chapter of our lives and genuinely thank every one of you for your help in the building the three best kinds in the world!


The teachers here are amazing. I love all of them. You can tell they are very educated and genuinely love the kids. My daughter is 3 and talks about how much she loves them all the time. Each kid has a role to play on a daily basis. This is so awesome. They take turns being a line leader, a weather person, the table washer etc... They give them tasks and the kids love it. My daughter is 3 and can tell you the weather. She loves being the weather girl!


I don't even know where to begin. My children have been at AsheBridge Children’s Academy since 2014 and it seems like forever. Everyone in the whole building knew my kids within a week and just went out of their way to us welcome. My youngest had a hard time at first but they made him feel comfortable and now hes happy to go to school. It’s nice to know your children are with good people and having fun! If you haven't visited yet, what are you waiting for?


Feedback from Wake County Child Care Services inspection:  Really enjoyed visiting the center!  Staff very friendly, children all smiles and playing.  Classrooms really creative and sunny!  Owners really know and appreciate having quality care for children.  Would definitely use if I had a small child! 5++ star center!

The school has been a blessing to my family. Every member of the teaching team has worked hard to ensure that children are happy, well-adjusted, and loved. I would recommend Ashebridge to anyone.