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Musical Chores

We could all use some help with the housework, but there are seldom any volunteers. It’s time to make like “Tom Sawyer” and show your family how much fun doing chores can be. Get the cleaning supplies out and assign everyone a chore or a room to clean according to age and / or skill […]

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Measuring Stick

Many of us have that place in our homes, on a door jamb, in a corner, or inside a closet door, where the dates and heights of the children who lived in that house are carefully recorded in pencil. Whether it’s to compare the heights of siblings, or record the passage of time, nothing melts […]

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10 Tips to Curb Temper Tantrums

Most parents wish they could disappear or become invisible when their child has a tantrum in public. Onlookers can be very judgmental, thinking that the child is spoiled and unruly or the parents are doing a poor job. Actually, neither of those notions are the case. Tantrums are common in children from 1 to 4 […]

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